Selected Poorly PC tips from May 2015

If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen my daily tech tips with the hashtag #PoorlyPCTip. This blog post is a mini collection of my favourite tips from the month of May.

  • Running two anti-virus programs does not give you twice as much protection, it will give you twice as many problems #PoorlyPCTip
  • Dropbox Pro users are STRONGLY advised to invest in Extended Version History if no other cloud backup system is in use #PoorlyPCTip
  • A backup isn’t a backup until it has been used to fully restore the machine / data. Don’t put off this test until it’s too late #PoorlyPCTip
  • If your PC is using more than 85-90% of its memory, performance will take a huge hit as Windows tries to manage the situation #PoorlyPCTip
  • Office 365 Home is NOT licensed for business use. For work stuff you need a Small Business subscription … #PoorlyPCTip
  • Using a personal email address from your ISP ? Extra hassle if you want to change provider. Switch to a gmail account instead #PoorlyPCTip

These are written with a view to get the thought processes working … “could this be relevant for me ?”, “this sounds technical, but I want to know more” or even “crikey, I need to sort this out RIGHT NOW”. The ideas come from real support calls I have taken that day, so they are both timely and relevant for small businesses.

If any of these topics covered above hit a nerve and you would like to discuss further, I’m only a phone call away on 07947 989395

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