Importing contacts from Windows Live Mail into Office 365 Outlook online

I recently had a customer who wanted to get their contacts out of Windows Live Mail (WLM) and into their email account which was being accessed via Office 365 Outlook online.

There were instructions on extracting the contacts from WLM and importing them, but sadly they are not quite right giving broken contact records with missing data.

Exporting in CSV format from the WLM address book is the correct approach but the “column headers” in the CSV file do not match what the Outlook online import expects. Mine was a simple CSV with just first name, last name and email address included.

Save the CSV and then open it with Notepad. On the first line ( the “column headers” ) change the word Surname to read Last Name, and change Email Address to read Email. Be sure to leave the commas in place. Save this CSV and then import it normally into Outlook online.

Your contacts will now be fully populated. This process may also come in handy if you are importing contacts into from a Hotmail account that has only been used from WLM.

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