Windows 10 Creator’s Update Has Started Rolling Out


The roll-out for the Windows 10 so-called “Creators Update” ( otherwise known as Redstone 2 or 1703 ) is now well underway and early reports are generally positive. This process is expected to take place over a period of several months, starting with newer machines.

Do I need to do anything? No – the upgrade will be delivered by the automatic Windows Update process. It is possible to download the installation file to force the update but even Microsoft recommend against this.

What will I see? This is a large upgrade that will look like a re-install of Windows and may well take 1-2 hours to complete, depending on the speed of your machine. Apart from a new privacy screen where you have just five elements to consider, the process will look the same as previous upgrades.

What’s in it for me? Although called a “Feature Update” there is very little in the new feature list that is of interest to the average small business user. The ability to get slightly more control over the update/restart process and a hotkey combo for the snipping tool are useful but not really game changers.

If you would like more information on the changes this Reddit post has a very good ( lengthy but not too detailed ) unofficial change log.


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