Help and advice now available to Android smartphone owners of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Nexus devices. Beginners and experienced users alike can benefit from Poorly PC’s expertise.

  • New to smartphones ?

    If you are a new owner of an Android smartphone or are coming from a different platform such as Backberry or iPhone, then Poorly PC can get you up and running with a tutorial on navigating your way around the device and using the core apps to make your Android ownership a pleasure rather than a struggle. If you are currently on Blackberry or iPhone and are considering the move to Android, Poorly PC can work with you to prepare the transition making it as painless as possible.

  • Android owner, but wanting to do more ?

    With several years experience on the platform, Poorly PC can take you beyond the basics and really fine-tune your device for the most efficient experience possible. Advice on the best apps to perform certain tasks is available, with hands-on sessions and demonstrations of the must-have apps and the hidden gems in the Play store.

  • Looking to synchronise your PC data ?

    There is nothing worse than getting a mobile device and having yet another set of contacts and calendars to manage. Poorly PC can work with you to ensure the best possible synchronisation scenario with the products that you already use and can advise if there is a different approach you can take to simplify the whole process into something that you don’t even need to think about !