Help fixing PC configuration and hard disk problems, setting up broadband, improving connection speeds and upgrades to boost computer performance

  • Does your computer take forever to start ? 
    The slowest part of any PC is the hard disk drive, and when Windows starts it has a LOT of work to do getting information from the drive. There are several steps that Poorly PC can be take to reduce the amount that Windows needs to do at startup, and also to make disk access more efficient whenever you are using the PC.
  • Are your download speeds much slower than promised by your ISP ? 
    There are many factors involved in determining the speed that data from the internet arrives at your PC. Some of these are out of your control, but many are not and some checks by Poorly PC on the configuration within your home or premises will ensure you are getting the fastest speeds possible.
  • Want to know if a simple upgrade can speed up your PC ? 
    Before spending upwards of £300 on a new computer, it may be possible to provide a dramatic performance boost with a simple upgrade to your PC for less than £50. Poorly PC will investigate your configuration and determine if such an upgrade will work for you.