Help finding and fixing PC security or virus problems, advice on file or photo backup systems and Cloud-based services

  • Have you been infected with a virus, malware or scareware ? 
    The best practice is always to keep malware off of your computer in the first place, and Poorly PC can advise on the most suitable security software for your circumstances. Once you have an infection it can be notoriously difficult to remove it and repair any damage. Poorly PC will use an arsenal of industry proven tools to try to remove the offending software, and to attempt to restore your PC to a usuable state. If this is not possible, Poorly PC will be able to help with a rebuild of the computer to a clean state and install security software to prevent re-infection.
  • Are you sure your PC is up to date with the latest security fixes ? 
    It is all well and good having security software installed, but you need to ensure that it is kept updated along with Windows itself and several other key pieces of software that are used by many web sites. Poorly PC can ensure that these updates happen automatically or under your control, whichever is preferred. There are also some useful tools that simplify the updating of many programs that you may have installed on your PC and Poorly PC can show you how to make use of these.
  • How about backups … are all your irreplaceable files safely held away from your PC ?
    Those photos from that once-in-a-lifetime trip, or the spreadsheets with all your records for the tax man may seem safe tucked away on your computer, but accidents happen and computers break. You need to be in a position to always be able to retrieve those files. Poorly PC can advise and setup various backup solutions for you including Cloud-based services and other simple steps to achieve peace of mind that your files are safe.