Solving Windows problems and computer system errors, providing hardware diagnostics, training and help with MS Office, Skype and many PC programs

  • Has something gone wrong preventing your PC from starting properly ? 
    There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when waiting for your Windows desktop to appear, and instead you get an incomprehensible error message. Worse still, you press the power button to turn on and nothing happens at all. Poorly PC can perform diagnostic steps to determine if the problem is the computer hardware or within the Windows files themselves and perform the necessary remedial steps to get you back to a working machine.
  • Do you have a question about how to do something in Windows ? 
    Perhaps you have attended a recent computer class and have some questions that you didn’t want to ask at the time, or that came up as soon as you got home. Poorly PC will sit down with you and run through how to use your computer in a language that you can understand and a pace that you are comfortable with. Alternatively, if you are comfortable finding your way around Windows, you may have questions around performing more complex tasks. Poorly PC can help with this, too.
  • Looking for advice on a new program to perform a certain task on your computer ?
    Your computer can do so many exciting things. Do you want to start Skype’ing your family members ? How about editing those photos before emailing them on to friends ? What is this Cloud you keep hearing about and how can you best use it ? There are a huge amount of software programs that are available free of charge or for minimal cost, to perform a myriad of tasks. With 30 years of experience in the IT industry and as a keen PC enthusiast, Poorly PC can lead you safely to the best tools and help put them to use.